Darkness Redeemed: A New Day Dawns.

The atmosphere of their breath, heavy breathing in the exertion of their contending, was born out of the atmosphere of heaven. Their prayers for each other, as words upon their hearts, seeped out of their souls like golden mist, to surround and shroud them in comfort and Grace.

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Operate in the Light

THE PROFANE PROPHET says, I genuinely believe with all my heart that if you pursue the Light (by operating in positive character traits, like: kindness, compassion, and respect), you will find revelation and healing Truth. But, if you operate in negative character traits (like: judgment, ridicule, or degradation) you will remain in shades of darkness... Continue Reading →

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Law & Grace

"Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword," is a cliche that expresses a law of nature to which humanity is bound. But, at the same time, this is not a demand, nor a commanding Law upon humanity.  This is not saying that if a soldier lives by the actions of their... Continue Reading →

From out of Sanctuary, Comes Life.

Everywhere, I see Your Returning, King Jesus! I look forward to see You, returning as that glorious King of kings to come and set up Your intimate reign; inviting us to join You, ruling at Your side, at the ROUND TABLE. (I see the imagery of Your returning in the new Athurian Legend movie: "Arthur, Legend... Continue Reading →


SPRING NESTING The cold dark of winter is passed. You may, yet, feel the cold winds at times, but these are the last rattling breaths of the cold. Fear not. Rise up! A new season is upon you. Look to the Goodness of Fauna: all the animals. They smell spring in the air. They chirp... Continue Reading →

God Speaks to All.

I believe there is an element on human pride in every religion. I believe there is an element of cruel and deceptive darkness in every religion. Therfore, I believe there are also elements of Truth, Love, and Light in every religion. It is our delight, and devout cause to seek out the Light, wherever we find ourselves.

Dear Internet: Trolls and All. 

I keep trying to share my heart, but then I get caught up, trying to prove every point I make and whatever I say becomes confuddled in points that pull away from what I'm actually trying to share... like this very paragraph.  I do this because I find myself writing with Internet Trolls in mind.... Continue Reading →

When Death comes to call.

TRANSPLANTED FROM MY M1ND.SP4C3.T1M3 BLOG I share these visions of my inner eye for the purpose of encouragement, not for proof of facts. Facts are of this physical world. That is right and good. Yet, there are somethings that come with Faith, not fact, for the physical senses are easily deceived. If Science is the... Continue Reading →

The White House, Hell, and Heaven.

TRANSPLANTED FROM MY M1ND.SP4C3.T1M3 BLOG Thursday, November 10th 2016 I cannot attest to the “reality” of all this, or even of the doctrinal correctness. Yet, it is the vision that I saw as I meditated. I submit this to you to seek your own Truth in the Spirit of what is revealed. And may Peace... Continue Reading →

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