Dear Internet: Trolls and All. 

I keep trying to share my heart, but then I get caught up, trying to prove every point I make and whatever I say becomes confuddled in points that pull away from what I’m actually trying to share… like this very paragraph. 

I do this because I find myself writing with Internet Trolls in mind. I know they pull and pick out random things and obsess over a point here or there… only to detract from the true revelation being shared. 

I’m so tired of this. 

So, let me just tell you what I have discovered. It’s The. Most. Wondrous. Treasure! 

If you truly have a contention with what I say, them please message me personally. There is a contact button below. If you care about it that much. 

If you just want to be a nuisance and argue because you’re in random passing, so be it. You’re free to do so. And I am free to ignore you. 

PEACE BE WITH US ALL. If peace isn’t with your soul, then I suggest you change something about you. Peace is available to All. But, you need to pursue it, and let it come to you, in order to find it. 


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