Be the fourth leg

I grew up hearing sermons about the Three-in-ONE God, [Father, Son, Holy Spirit]. Often the picture of a three legged-stool was used to help understand how three separate parts could be one thing. It was added that the stability of a legged stool was perfect and solid... As a kid, I'd call bullshit on that.... Continue Reading →


Operate in the Light

THE PROFANE PROPHET says, I genuinely believe with all my heart that if you pursue the Light (by operating in positive character traits, like: kindness, compassion, and respect), you will find revelation and healing Truth. But, if you operate in negative character traits (like: judgment, ridicule, or degradation) you will remain in shades of darkness... Continue Reading →

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Fonzie-dog’s Butt

Check out my storytelling video of this story. Salutations, Gregga J. Johnn, Profane Prophet here. I want to talk to you about Fonzie, my little schnauzer dog. He has a problem. It's his butt. He has one. Therefore, it must be scratched. At least, that's his opinion. Problem is, I don't need to be spending... Continue Reading →

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