God Speaks to All.

Did you know that the Creator speaks to everyone in accordance to their own personality?! If you are a fighter, a lover, a business maker, a crafter, a player… no matter what. God talks to you in a way you can understand. The Creator loves you that much. 

And, this Creator has many Names. I like to use the name Elohim because I know God as Triune: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. (Odin, Thor, Freya; Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc) Elohim is a plural term that encompasses all Three at once.

I also use masculine pronouns because He speaks to me as a Father, and Brother, Bridegroom. He knows that’s how I can wrap my head around beginning to understand His LOVE for me. 

Yet, I also see the femininity in brooding over us as a mother hen, the deep nurturing of a mother’s heart, and the passionate love and life giving qualities of a mother-sister-bride, also.

I believe that Religion is not simply a man made tool. Though it may certainly be used as a tool to help us understand concepts that are beyond our mundane minds. Religion often give us boundaries to teach self-discipline. It’s a guide really, to keep our hearts and souls toned and healthy. Much like working out physically, trains our bodies through discipline, to be stronger and healthier. 

The flip side is that many have also used these same tools to manipulate and control others. Anything may be used as a weapon. 

But, that doesn’t mean a butcher’s knife is murderous. It can be used to murder. Some tender souls even see eating meat as murder. But, used as intended, it may take life, or it may only cut meat (or the “meat” of vegetables) to prepare nourishing food. Then, it gives life. 

I propose that Religion is the Creator’s way of talking to us in a way that our personality may be able to understand the LOVE of the One Who made us. 

Look at history. Before Jesus came to earth, all Faith looked forward to a time coming. There is a family element in multiple religions, there is sacrifice, there is marriage, there is a time of great destruction where darkness is defeated, and there is Redemption and restoration in an afterlife with the family of gods. 

What if everyone was given a piece of the picture (that our cultural personality and temperament could understand) so then we would know what to look for, when it happened?

Then the Son of God actually showed up! 

Jesus sacrificed Himself for everyone. He promised to go prepare for the coming marriage of the Bride Humanity into the Family of God. He promised darkness would finally be defeated in the end. BUT, He also promised this very defeat is available to anyone in their souls, right now, if we will accept Redemption, right now. AND, He promised we could be United as family with Divine Love in our afterlife, when we put our Faith, (not in one religion), but in One Redeemer. He called Himself, Jesus Christ, the Messiah Savior and IMMANUEL; God with us. 

I see this Redeemer in many Religions. I’m not here to argue one Religion being more right over another. Though, I have found that just the name JESUS is powerful enough to defeat the darkness of our souls… if you use it, knowing Jesus personally. 

I am saying that if we pursue the Light in any religion, then more light will come to us. If we pursue darkness in any religion, then darkness will be attracted to us. Darkness comes quickly with heavy chains though, so please be careful. The plans of darkness are only to kill, steal, and destroy the Light in you. 

Yet, darkness cannot exist in Light, so continue to seek after places and attitudes of the Light, to protect and keep and nourish you. 

I was raised Christian. I admit, it takes some expansive stretching of myself, to say that other Religions, (like Norse beliefs, Pagan beliefs, Hindu or Buddhist, Muslim, or even Catholic beliefs) might have some Truth to them. But, I have seen, and been deeply damaged first hand, by the darkness hidden in Christianity.

I believe there is an element of human pride in every religion. I believe there is an element of cruel and deceptive darkness in every religion. Therfore, I believe there are also elements of Truth, Love, and Light in every religion. It is our delight, and devout cause to seek out the Light, wherever we find ourselves. 

I do believe no matter what Names you give your Faith, you will, someday, come before the cross of Jesus. He called Himself the Son of God. You will have to choose if you recognized Him as the Redeemer you have been looking for. Please, don’t let a name cause you to stumble. A rose by any other name, still smells as sweet. The Name of Jesus is a powerful name for salvation. 

Yet, if you simply put your faith in the Redeemer… then I cannot see that the Redeemer will reject you. Especially because He went to such trouble to foretell his tale to you, then came and died, and is preparing a new life for you, even now. I doubt such a diligent Divine Lover will care so much, what name you call him… as long as you only call on Him. 

I could be gravely wrong. Many in my Christianity would say such. 

But, I’m trying to reach beyond mere Christianity. I’m seeking to touch God. God is big and the second we believe we understand God fully, then we are no longer taking about God. 

Seek: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and the Self-control to remain in only these attitudes of living. This will manifest our Faith in our hearts, our hands, feet, tongue, and our service. Then, none may argue with our Faith and all may benefit from a world full of more Light. 

So, let it be & Make it so. 


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