The cold dark of winter is passed. You may, yet, feel the cold winds at times, but these are the last rattling breaths of the cold. Fear not.

Rise up! A new season is upon you.

Look to the Goodness of Fauna: all the animals. They smell spring in the air. They chirp and sing, dash and bound, birth and nourish each other. Take your lesson from these.

Look at the birds. They nest. They gather new hay, and take whatever softness they can find in string and cotton; that which is cast off by others. These treasures they pick up and weave together. They create a nest of comfort and give it safety by their own presence. They nestle new life, hidden away in fragile eggs.


chickens nesting
Broody Australorp’s on Springhill Farm.



Sit upon them and keep them warm. Rehearse your dreams in your heart. No matter what storms may rage about you, sit tight. Keep your dreams close under the most intimate parts of your soul. Hide them and turn them, watch over them and protect them from all prey.

Do not invite the fox into your nesting place, lest your dreams be stolen away and consumed by destruction.

Keep your dreams close as they incubate. And know:


Do not discard your dreams. Do not fly away from them, leaving them cold. Ignore the storming. Sleep through the night. Stretch your wings for brief periods, only to feed and then quickly return. For your dreams will hatch. YOUR DREAMS WILL HATCH!

Some may not hatch as what you expected, for the Mighty hand of your Creator may have given you the dreams of another, who discarded and left them unattended. Hatch whatever dreams you have in your heart. Even if they were not born from you.

Some dreams that you have put all your hopes in, may be duds. There may be a rotten egg in your batch. There may even be a baby dream that does not survive long after hatching.


Grieve over your losses, yet do not allow your sorrow to turn bitter. Focus your love upon that which is growing. Love and treasure all that you lose, and let it go.

Those dreams that do survive the cracking pressure of hatching: push out, push out, extend yourself to grow your extensions.

You are both the hatcher and the hatchee… this is all your soul.


Embrace your journey, the good and the bad. Love the sorrow. Grieve the loss. Celebrate the birthing. Treasure all of Living, Loving, and the passing away of things that will not advance. Live each moment in the electrical joy of Elohim’s Divine Source. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

And keep going.


Chicken eggs


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