From out of Sanctuary, Comes Life.

Everywhere, I see Your Returning, King Jesus!

I look forward to see You, returning as that glorious King of kings to come and set up Your intimate reign; inviting us to join You, ruling at Your side, at the ROUND TABLE. (I see the imagery of Your returning in the new Athurian Legend movie: “Arthur, Legend of the Sword.”)

It is so clear to me that You are calling Your people, Your Bride, (the Church), to return to Grace and prepare the Way of the LORD.

Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We are to call down Heaven to this Earth. We are to create, eminate, manifest, and grow the Presence of Heaven, right here on the earth that is under our feet.

Satan and his present darkness has ruled this earth long enough. I call upon ALL who have a heart full of pure intent, to bring forth: *LOVE, *JOY, *PEACE, *PATIENCE, *KINDNESS, *GOODNESS, *FAITHFULNESS, *GENTLENESS, and the *SELF – CONTROL to remain in this atmosphere of Character*.

It matters not what religion or life-style you practice, for they are merely earthly tools and temporary habits. In all you do, usher in this *Presence of Heaven (positive character attributes and spiritual fruits).

~ Then you shall establish the ground you stand on as Heaven’s turf. You will be an Ambassador on foreign soil. You will light up the darkness with the Light of Heaven’s influence. And, you will spread Love, Grace, and Mercy to the dead zombies, the leeching vampires, and the devastating were-creatures that live in the land of torment, agony, and desperation.

~ You will be the Healing Grace that seizes death, to redeem it and transform it into New Life.

A Jeremiah Blessing:

~ Rise up, dry bones, and be filled with Life. Breathe, Holy Spirit, and raise up an army to take back what the darkness has stolen, and return it all to the glorious Light.



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