When Death comes to call.


I share these visions of my inner eye for the purpose of encouragement, not for proof of facts. Facts are of this physical world. That is right and good. Yet, there are somethings that come with Faith, not fact, for the physical senses are easily deceived. If Science is the observation and reporting of this physical world around us, I might consider myself a Soul and Spiritual Scientist, as I observe what cannot be known, but with the understanding of the soul and spirit, alone.

Take what I lay before you as you will. Keep that which edifies your own soul and leave all the rest behind for a later time or another soul. Yet, in all things, Peace and Goodwill be with you.

January 16, 2017

Something important happened last night that I believe I need to share. Please do not receive this message with concern, but rather with Praise! God has saved my life to Love, again.

There are no factual proofs for much of this, only the spiritual and soul observations that I have practiced over many years. This gives, much of what I sense, a realism to it. A simple faith, in following what I believe I needed to do, can save a soul from falling away completely. Then one may receive a little bit of Jesus in the place where once there was terrifying, demonic influence. I then trust that little piece of Jesus will grow in you. Praise the Lord, He is Immanuel “God with us” and He is ever with you. AMEN.

So, please take all of what I am to tell you with a broad perspective that includes imagery and allegory, not just plain facts.

Last night, I was leaving my favorite local bar, as is my recent habit to always pop in for some enjoyment of live music and encouragement of local musicians.  You may have seen my check-ins there… pending how much you stalk my posts on Facebook. LOL. ;p

As I pulled out of the drive, I suddenly felt an overwhelming wave of fear and panic begin to swell upon me. It seemed completely random and out of the blue. I followed through my typical coping habits of breathing, praying, and compartmentalizing the fear. (I don’t put it away, I simply let my chemical and hormonal, physical body do as it will. It’s 45 years old and has many quirks that just are. But, I do not allow these quirks or glitches to affect my soul and heart attitude of youthfulness.)  Then, I set my Will to work apart from the influence of my physical body. This is something Elohim taught me to do, Himself.

I was not far down the road before I realized that this panic, anxiety attack was of the worst kind; debilitating, even. It was not of me. It was an outside force descending upon me with vengeance. Music on the radio helps me to focus off my body, but this was a darkness I’d not felt so close in a very long time. I was really struggling. My phone even stopped working. I was completely cut off. (The antenna on my phone is dodgy and I need to replace it, but it totally shut off.) I couldn’t text, call, or even get my internet data to work, to ask for help. I was entirely isolated in this descent of fear and darkness.

I cried out to God, as I almost miss-noticed a stop sign. I recognized a distinct distraction in my mind, that rendered me likely to have an accident as I drove. But I couldn’t stop driving. I was supposed to be going to a pre-planned meeting with a small in-house church group. Yet, I couldn’t contact anyone and I didn’t know where I was going. The clouds of confusion boiled inside me.

“God, I need you to drive right now, because I can’t.” I prayed.

He took over the wheel as I shut down my senses and focused on the soothing music. I completely compartmentalized my whole being and drove on, looking like a zombie, with my hands surrendered in the air. (I’m well practiced in driving with my legs, as this is not a new thing to me. I practice and train myself. Of course, I use my hands to turn corners. No need to panic. I was panicked enough at the time.)

I worshiped Jehovah Jireh, the name of Father God my Provider.

I was still conscious of what I was doing. I’m always conscious of what is going on, even when I’m not completely “present” in my physical body. There are a rare couple of times when I’m completely out of my body and not aware of what’s happening to it; usually when I’m blissfully or ecstatically ascended into places of higher joy. This has happened occasionally, when having visions in meditation.

In this moment, however, God completely derailed all current plans and physically took me away to a quiet place where I could hide in him, alone, in the dark: the movie theater. That’s our special date place. I go on dates with Jesus a lot and we watch and analyze movies together. Last night, my Comforter ushered me away from the world, away from my physical distress, and took me to a funny movie so I could sit in the dark, relax, laugh, and eat ice-cream! Yay! I love how my Elohim loves me ❤ ❤ <3.

When we pulled my car into the theater lot, I saw a “random” private message from one of my dearest sister’s in Christ. She is, as I was. A woman who uses Worship to defeat the distress of bipolar madness. This is the message Julie sent me. I don’t know when she sent it, but apparently, it was much earlier than when I received it. Yet, God saw me read it at just the perfect time. It said,

“Again, my Sweets, you have been on my mind. I saw your post. I was imagining you being cradled by Elohim and still on the battlefield. Your right cheek up against HIS chest. You were being comforted. Then a distortion suddenly appeared in my field of spiritual vision. Your head swung off the grip of HIS left arm to the right and immediately death took over…Your face contorted. I snapped that away from my thoughts and now Peace takes over you again. I hold you in prayers.”

This is the second-time Julie messaged me out of the blue this week. The first time she asked if I was OK, because I had been on her heart and she was praying for me.

You see, this week has been a hell week for me. I’m all right. So, don’t worry. There was just a deep soul pain within me. I thought I’d caught a soul-flu. You know, when your soul is sick and you can’t think straight and your will has no strength in it, while your emotions are randomly erratic… just like the physical symptoms of the flu, but they attack your mind, will, and emotions, not just your physical body. But, for me, anything attacking my soul, leaks out to a real physical pain and discomfort in my body, too.

Thus, I spent most of this week laid out on the couch, unable to do much more than my required care-giver chores. {What do you do when the care-giver needs care?}

When Julie messaged me the first time, it was right after I’d parked in the same parking lot, a few days earlier than this. But then, I was escaping to the morphine of movies because I felt that I had received a cross-bolt fired into my chest. The pain was real. My soul and heart were in agony.

Julie’s first message brought a new perspective to my plight and showed me, it wasn’t just an illness. She shared her vision of me, then:

“As my heart stirred for you in prayer, Kadesh Barnea went through my head just now. Does it mean anything to you?

“Next thought: Breathe slow as Papa pulls

“…I praise Abba…

“‘Hold’ keeps repeating. A picture comes to mind of Yah placing one hand on your chest and the other pulling an arrow out. It’s dark but red and orange in the sky. It’s been a war zone and you had collapsed. He needs to put pressure on your chest to keep the wound from bleeding out after the arrow was pulled out…Yes, it is time for healing.”

Relief came to my soul and physical body, as I sensed Elohim pull that spiritual cross-bolt out of my chest. Then, I looked up Kadesh Barnea….

In the Old Testament, Kadesh Barnea is where the Israelites camped the the first time they exited the wilderness after leaving Egypt. From there they sent 12 spies into their Promised Land to check it out. Ten of the twelve returned in fear, telling tales of giants in the land and convinced the whole tribe of millions of Hebrews, to not go into the land they were promised. Only two of the twelve: Joshua and Caleb, reported giant produce and great prosperity waiting and urged them to go in and take the land.

This is the place the people of God chose to not believe in the Promises God laid out for them. They turned away from Him in fear. As a result, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years until every adult over the age of 20 died, (except Joshua and Caleb). The same promise was then given to the next generation and Joshua lead them into battle (Jericho) and the land was given to them slowly over the next years.

I took a personal meaning in this.

[Although I see a national meaning in this too, as God gave our parents promise of great revival in the Jesus movement of the 1970s. But due to condemnation in the Church, the Glory of God’s promise was lifted off that generation. It is now about to descend again upon us, with the inauguration of Donald Trump (the Trumpet sound). It is up to us. the everyday folks, (not just the politicians) and the generations to follow, to bring back the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven in a Soul Revival Extreme! This will likely look very different to what is expected. But, I’m game!) **all this is what I’m hearing from several modern prophets, both in the USA and Australia. It’s a wonderfully exciting time to live in the flow of the Kingdom of Heaven.]

The personal meaning I took, from the first-time Julie messaged me, is that I was at a cross-roads. I must believe the promises that God has told me, personally. I must set out to claim them and not hold back in fear. The “fear” came from a massive war, raging about me in the spiritual realm. Satan is all-out, in his determination to destroy all that God has planned in my life. But Satan’s attack is only smoke and mirrors. I simply need to believe the Heavenly Promises and not the Hellish Lies. Not even Death has victory when Jesus intervenes.

This second time Julie messaged me, as I look back and meditate on all that happened last night, in prayer this morning… I believe I see that, the panic and anxiety which hit me last night was Death coming to steal my life.

I was where I was planning to be, by habit. I believe there was an ambush set for me. Then, I was supposed to die in a car accident, on my way to a church meeting.

BUT GOD!!! Intervened and disrupted the plans of darkness. He derailed all their efforts, turning a death attack into a mere lie of anxiety; quickly ushering me away to a safe place. There, He ministered to me, with the aid of a praying sister. And instead of death, I got a fun movie and ice-cream!!! I love the way He loves me ❤ ❤ ❤

[BTW, the fun movie is “Monster Trucks,” and it’s a goofy kid’s tale of a teen boy who finds a monster **deleted to not give spoilers**. The monster then hides in the kid’s truck and … dude, it’s such silly fun! Monster truck to the extreme. LOL]

All this was revealed to me as I awoke this morning, in that time where I’m semi-conscious, not fully awake, not really dreaming. I heard my Elohim’s Voice:

“You are saved alive.”

And I saw, ahead of and all around me, a white, open blank space. It was as if nothing was in my future because my future on earth was never meant to extend this far. Which also explains why I’ve been feeling so lost about my future, not knowing what I was to do, or where to extend my efforts. My life was supposed to have stopped last night. But now, there’s this amazing clean and pure slate of possibility opened before me. This is not the first time the Death-train was derailed in my life. But, this time felt more Final.

Then, I heard Elohim speak again,

“This is because you asked Me to give you the next 50 years to love. This is Me giving you those years; to love and to Worship Me. Your Worship will usher in a new age of: My Kingdom Will be done on Earth, just as it is in Heaven.”

Squee. Yay!

Now, don’t get me wrong and think that anyone else must follow this plan,  nor that this plan is only for me. Each of us still gets to choose in our living. That’s what free will is. This is simply a record of my specific prayer conversations. But, it may apply to your prayers as well. You and God have your own conversations. God is making such possibilities available, as all things are possible with Him.

But, you get to be a part of Heaven’s Kingdom coming to Earth, by agreeing or not agreeing. You still get to choose. You know what I hope for. I hope you will join in the wonder of living in the flow of Heaven. Yet, my grace will extend to you, no matter what path you decide to walk. Peace ever be with you in that.

Another reason I hold confidence in this revelation, comes from Julie mentioning Kadesh Barnea to me, in relation to a moment earlier in the month. I had a vision the week before all this happened. I will tell you what it was, to encourage you. Whether or not this vision “actually happened” or “will happen” is not the point. There is a lesson in it. You are held in Elohim’s heart. He will always come to your aid, when you need Him, in heart, in soul, and in spirit. Whether your battle is a real physical war, or a soul and spiritual waging. His Angels are your Valkyrie.

I was praying for a companion friend (who is absent from me), a couple of weeks ago, when God laid a heavy hand upon my heart. It seemed like an out of body experience. My soul rose up, out of my room, and flew over many miles to the east, very quickly: across the USA, the Pacific, and over China and India, to the middle east regions. (I have been following the stories of Aleppo and all the terror that ISIS is unleashing, and the turmoil that has raged in the Middle East, ever since the time of Abraham’s sons: Ishmael and Isaac. Kadesh Barnea is said to be located at Petra in SW Jordan. That seemed relevant.)

My spirit vision saw a nameless, war-torn town with rubble and blown apart buildings everywhere. I entered one of these buildings. A warrior was lying under a fresh pile of bricks and rubble, covered in dust, as if just hit by an explosion. I came over the warrior and smiled. Lifting the soldier up, I  said,

“I know it hurts, but you need to get up. Where are your companions? You are all getting out alive. No one gets left behind.”

The soldiers gathered together and I then lead them through the rubble, quietly, to a door in the back. They waited while my spirit ascended out of the building for a birds-eye view of the area. Then, I signaled when to leave. Silently, the group all dashed across a dusty street to another building, and waited.

I signaled to hold. Then, when it was clear, they all ran out another back door, and down the street to safety. I blew them a kiss and wished them all well. Every one of them made it back to the security of their own compound. No one was lost. None were harmed, although, there was plenty of hurting. Yet, they remained victorious in their task.

Then my spirit returned to my body and I prayed fervently.

“Lord, make these warriors able, keep those who fight strong, and bring then home to those they love.” This is my daily prayer, since then.

When you add this imagery experience to the couple of moments when I called Satan out by name, in public, (this last month), exposing his deception for what it is… there may be good reason for Hell to lodge an all-out war against me.

As I look back with my spiritual eyes and spiritual memory, I can now see where Death came to call. I see the ambush waiting for me in that one parking lot, stirring me on, as I moved closer to my end. I can tell you the exact spot Death reached out to hit me, as I drove. I see the moment in Time… and I see God come in quietly and quickly, to steal me away, without them even seeing or noticing or knowing why all their plans failed.

I don’t know why Lucifer continues to hurt me. He should know better by now. All the damage he has ever done in my life has been miraculously and marvelously healed. Everything he does, Elohim turns around and pours the Glory of Heaven into and through me.

I laugh at the efforts of Hell. Not in ridicule or pride, for those are the twisted emotions of darkness. But I laugh in thankful joy and victory! For the battle is the Lord’s and no weapon formed against me will prosper. The King of Glory shall come in. Amen and AMEN. So, let it be and make it so.

I hope this finds you well. I am well, now able to live longer on this Earth, instead of skipping to Heaven until the end of the Age.  We are in the latter days, but I’ve asked for 50 more years to love. I will practice living and loving now, in this moment. I will hope forevermore in Love. Worship is my daily effort. Love is the work of my hands. Elohim is my everything. In all the world, in all death, in all life, I could have anything, but I ask: just give me Jesus. AMEN.

Love to you, from Elohim and me.

Gregga-Joy (Lyndee)

Bacht, welcome to the World of the Trevel.

“Life, Love & Liberty are what you make of them so continue, continue, continue . . .” -Gregga J. Johnn


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