The White House, Hell, and Heaven.


Thursday, November 10th 2016

I cannot attest to the “reality” of all this, or even of the doctrinal correctness. Yet, it is the vision that I saw as I meditated. I submit this to you to seek your own Truth in the Spirit of what is revealed. And may Peace and Goodwill shine upon you.

I saw a vision of the White House in Washington D.C. It was lit up with white light, filled with Angelic shine and the manifest power of Christ. Another legion of Angels suddenly descended upon the White House and I saw, as if squeezed out the bottom, all the dark demonic beings who once ruled there, pressed down small and scattered out of the house. Boarder Angels around the gates and fence of the Whitehouse caught up all the darkness, bundled them up in nets, and threw them back into Hell, at the feet of Lucifer.

I then stood in Hell and, before Lucifer could release his demons and send them to their punishing torments… I cried out,

“Stop! Wait!”

All of Hell paused and looked at me.

I spoke to the demonic beings still balled up in the nets,

“Stand Up.” And they stood.

Then I urged them,

“Now is the time to change your mind. Now is the time to turn and repent. Now is the time to return to the Love of Jesus and the Father’s Heart. Jesus, Immanuel: God with us, is here, wherever I am. He promises to never leave me. LOOK! He has made a way for you.”

I looked and saw a smooth, white road that began on the edges of darkness, then moved in and penetrated the dark. It was a highway -staircase- with no rough edges. A smooth way, dipping down into Hell and leading all the way up into the Father’s Love, the footstool of Jesus in the Court of Grace and Heaven, itself.

I continued to cry out,

“Run to God! Make your escape to the Light. Turn and Repent from the evil darkness of your ways. Return to the Light. Let LOVE heal and restore you to your right place: worshiping our loving Father.”

I did not see who or which or when they chose to go, but I know there were many who left the darkness and ran to the open arms of Christ.

But, then Lucifer accosted me, saying,

“Why do you bother? What’s in all this for you? Why don’t you just stop.”

I ran to Satan and placed my hands upon his cheeks. My touch, covered in the Blood of Jesus, burned him. He didn’t flinch in the pain. He held steady his glare of hatred and arrogance.

I spoke,

“Because the Blood of Jesus Christ burns in me and compels me to speak of His love. He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. He loves ALL His creation, with a never-ending Love. He still loves you.”

And Satan kicked me in the gut. His force flung me across the room, landing hard against the wall, where I fell to the ground.

I stood, tall and sad; unhurt.

I spoke with deep sorrow,

“The Blood of Jesus remain upon you.”

And I turned and stepped into the Courts of Praise in Heaven.

Satan, who was once Lucifer, burned in eternal damnation – By. His. Own. Choice.

And there was music and dancing and joy and peace in the worship of the King of Kings, in the Father’s Heart of Love.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim

In the Light of His Glory and GRACE.

Amen & AMEN


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